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Virtual servers

Server virtualization consists of dividing a large server into several servers that are virtually private and isolated from each other. Knowing that a dedicated machine is in the vast majority of cases underexploited, the virtualization technique allows you to make immediate savings, while maintaining an optimal level of security.

Depending on the project, we will provide an efficient, 100% modular infrastructure. For each of the hosted servers you can choose: the operating system, RAM, processor resource, storage capacity, number of IP addresses, software licenses to install. Your virtual servers are scalable: the technical characteristics can be changed, upwards or downwards, depending on changing needs.

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Customised hosting

Create own cloud and access your data from anywhere.

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Private cloud

Have you already invested in your equipment or want your business data to stay on your server? We can outsource your private cloud platform, regardless of the hypervisor used: VMware, Cloudstack, Openstack or even Hyper-V.

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Public cloud

No investment to be made, invoicing on demand. The Kimpa version Cloud is a scalable, redundant, VMware-based service. Kimpa supports you in setting up your secure platform.

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Hybrid cloud

A public, secure and scalable infrastructure, while retaining the equipment in which you have invested. Kimpa allows you to drive multiple cloud platforms, regardless of the hypervisor you choose.

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Our IT architects design the turnkey infrastructure for your business. On the basis of a first specification, we produce an infrastructure diagram.


Latest generation data center

Electrical redundancy


Connection redundancy


Backup and redundant infrastructure

Redundancy of hypervisors

Network redundancy