We deploy an efficient wifi network in your hotel, establisment, company

Our subscriptions  includes


All of the hardware and equipment, from access points to firewall, and even your ISP if needed.


Centralized  network management  with real-time visibility, customized  captive portal , business intelligence options, lease-services and reporting.

Managed Services

24/7 remote monitoring and troubleshooting, executive dashboards with weekly / monthly reporting. Firmware upgrades and advanced options such as SLAs support and application level bandwidth controls / analytics.





 WiFi allows users to roam the business and access network resources from nearly anywhere. WiFi connects computers, video, security devices, mobile phones and many other devices across the workplace. With the increasing saturation of laptops and mobile phones, this is particularly relevant.


 With the emergence of public WiFi networks, users can access the Internet outside their normal work environment. Most chain coffeeshops, for example, offer their customers a connection to the internet at no cost.

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For a business, this implies that everyone can be more productive and focus on the task of renting.   Users connected to WiFi maintain a range of speeds as they move from place to place.  With increased bandwidth and the right tools on the Internet, staff can collaborate and be much more quickly.


The installation of Wi-Fi access to a single access point (AP) or antenna connected via a data cable to the business router / switch. Using power over ethernet (PoE) eliminates the need for an associated power plug.   WiFI networks can scale rapidly for growing businesses, disasters, and other business conditions.

Need for speed

The speed on most wireless networks (typically 1-54 Mbps) is usually less than wired networks (100 Mbps up to several gigabits per second (Gbps)).    However, with WiFi combo and wireline networks you can get whatever you need.


WiFi and wireline cabling work and endpoint costs (eg wireless cameras vs. wired cameras) Wi-Fi and wireline cabling work well together to help you grow, change and adapt your business, bandwidth, and office conditions at an effective price point.

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No complex and expensive technical equipment.

No investment in expensive and complex controllers to set up . 

Simplified authentication by email, SMS or Facebook.


Centralized management of all your WiFI sites from a web interface.