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This offer allows you to reduce and control your communication costs. Our telephony system is connected to all your communication tools and information systems. Single messaging, click to call, integration with your CRM, videoconference, your employees are always reachable, including on the move. Organize a video conference in a single click and start your meeting. You share your presentation documents simply.

IP telephony

IP Voice is an IP telephony offering, combining traditional telephony and unified communication. You find all the classic services of a telephony system and you get new features. For multi-site companies, this mutualisation generates a reduction and control of communication costs.

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Call center

From a few dozen users to several thousand, you have a telephony system allowing you to make volume calls, while supervising the conversations of teleactors.


Video conferencing

With our Visio offer, a video conference is now just a click away and you start your meeting. You share your presentation documents simply from your computer and make your videoconferences interactive. Plan your videoconferences in advance.


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  • Conference
  • Pre-pick
  • Waiting music 
  • Group of calls
  • Waiting, transfer
  • Business Directory
  • Collaborative Messaging


  • Attendance Manager
  • Outlook integration
  • Customizing ringtones
  • Videoconferencing
  • Recording conversations
  • Click to call
  • Instant messaging

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