Cabling & interconnexion



Kimpa assist you in the creation, the renewal and expansion of your computer network.

Fiber optic installation

With the FTTO, Kimpa offers a scalable solution with a single fiber optic per workspace for ease of installation and centralized administration.

With FTTO Switches, network interconnection is safe and faster.

The FTTO solution delivers a fast and easy connection of all equipment within your companies.

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Optical fiber is more stable

Transporte data over long distances without attenuating the signal

Optical fiber offers better flow. Date transfer is faster

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RJ45 cabling and maintance

The RJ45 (Registered Jack) cabling allows various communication devices to be connected to each other. it also makes it possible to work at high speed. For private homes but also for companies wishing to modernize their IT system and automate certain IT tasks, RJ45 wiring seems to be quite suitable.

Indeed, it is difficult to rely solely on the WiFi network to ensure good connectivity with very high speed on all devices in a home or business.


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Interconnexion of sites, subsidaries and holding

Is your business growing more and more? Are you located on several sites and want to conquer new markets?  Do you have business applications, sensitive and critical data protected?

This offer is for you. 

We interconnect your sites and subsidiaries. This helps to ensure better security of your access, to better control the access of users to the network of the company.  We assure you of a high QoS for your Internet connectivity, and a result, your apps and software are in the cloud or run seamlessly. An organization subscribing to MPLS can sign up for a certain level of QoS as per its requirements.

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Local or extended networks

Internal Networks (LAN) or Wide Area (WAN and MAN), we interconnect your workstations and all of your sites to the corporate network.

 Mobile workers also have secure access to the IS via secure VPN or MPLS networks.

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Your data transfers are safe and secure.

You communicate with ease with your sunsideries and within the your company.

You can get access to your company data from anywhere at any time.